Trimod PO Back Brace, X-Large, Posterior Panel


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Xback Trimod PO Back Brace XL, Posterior Panel, Cooler, Lighter, Less Bulky, Comfortable to Wear

The Xback Compression is a full size LSO brace that immobilizes the patient from the sacrococcygeal junction to the scapular plane and provides a comfortable treatment option for a wide variety of diagnoses.

  • The brace is easy for patients to put on, to adjust and to remove, so the comfortable light weight brace encourages compliance with treatment protocols.
  • The cutout in the center of the Xback posterior panel increases airflow making the brace cooler, lighter, less bulky and thus more comfortable to wear.
  • The cut out also reduces pressure on the spine especially for the post-op patient or those receiving injections.



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