Solution ES Back Brace


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Xback Solution ES Back Brace Small, 19" to 26" Waist Size, Heat Moldable Panels

Xback Solutions ES back brace is a Lumbosacral orthosis back brace that immobilizes the patient and provides coverage from the sacrococcygeal junction through the T-9 vertebra. It offers pressure distribution and consistent pain relief for treatment of arthritis, herniated disks and mechanical lower back pain.

  • Back brace is designed with special heat moldable panels that can be easily fit to any patient in just one session.
  • Easy for patients to take on and off with comfortable, lightweight braces that encourage compliance with treatment protocols.
  • Moisture-wicking materials maximize comfort.
  • Stay in constant contact with the patients body.
  • Restrict motion and control pelvic tilt and rotation.
  • Provide intracavitary lift to reduce load on the discs.
  • Indications: bulging discs, chronic and acute strains, degenerative disc disease, mechanical lower and mid-back pain, post-surgical stabilization.


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