One-Hand Manual Breast Pump, Sterile


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Evenflo One-Hand Breast Pump, Sterile, BPA and DEHP Free

Evenflo One-Hand Breast Pump without Flexishield has patented, easy to use design that provides control and flexibility simply by varying the frequency and degree of the handle squeeze. The handle assembly eliminates the need for electrical outlets or batteries. The one hand design allows you to pump one breast while baby nurses on the other, or by using two breast pumps. Both of these methods stimulate the let down reflex and enhance milk flow. Mothers may also pump directly into any standard baby bottle or freezer bag.

  • Evenflo One Hand Breast Pump without Flexishield is BPA and DEHP free.
  • One-hand handle assembly with piston and piston seal.
  • The pump is so compact it fits into a purse.


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