microAIR Alternating Lateral Rotation Bariatric Mattress 80″ x 42″ x 10″



Invacare microAIR® Alternating Lateral Rotation Bariatric Mattress 80" L x 42" W x 10" H, On-Demand Low Air Loss with Blower Power Unit, 1000 lb Weight Capacity, 110 V 60 Hz Input, Continuous Mode of Operation

Alternating lateral rotation includes patented z-cell bladder that provides subtle, gentle turning while providing alternating rotation during turns. Additional therapy includes true low air loss to wick away moisture. Therapeutic Support Surface model allows customization for degrees of turn, time and pressure. Static and pulse therapies are available in addition to the alternating lateral rotation and continuous true low air loss. Added to the MA90Z and MA95Z are enhanced protective measures such as side bolsters and recentering of the patient in between turns. The MA95Z aids in the prevention and treatment of stage I to IV pressure ulcers.

  • Constant pressure monitoring Solenoid valves open and close to regulate the air inside the mattress and maintain the pressure at or below 32mm/Hg to avoid capillary occlusion.
  • Wireless auto fowler When the transmitter in the head section is raised, 25% more air is automatically added into the mattress, helping prevent the patient from bottoming out.
  • Power outage safety (MA95Z) remains inflated through power outage.
  • Turn times MA95Z includes cutomizable turn times.
  • Rotation angles MA95Z features customizable turn angles.



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