Mediven 20-30, Pantyhose,Natural, Closed Toe, Sz 3


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Mediven Sheer and Soft Women’s Pantyhose Size 3 Petite, 20 to 30mm Hg Compression, Natural, Closed Toe

The Mediven Sheer & Soft Women’s Pantyhose is a truly fashionable and effective compression stocking that is suitable for day and evening wear. This revolutionary compression stocking incorporates advanced technology to accomplish a softer feel without compromising breathability and moisture regulation. Mediven Sheer & Soft uses SilverPlus technology which is designed for optimized moisture transportation, more effective hygienic cleaning and the prevention of bacterial growth.

  • Provides breathability and moisture regulation.
  • Unique blend of nylon and spandex that will leave your legs feeling comfortable and relaxed.


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