Hygeia Q Breast Pump with Basic Tote, PAS Personal Accessory Set


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Hygeia Q Series Double Electric Breast Pump Set with Basic Tote, Gray, Hospital-Grade Performance, 50 to 60 Hz Power, BPA/DEHP Free

Designed for long-term and frequent pumping needs where the mother has access to electric power. It is a hospital-grade performance, personal-use, double electric breast pump (without internal battery) for single or double pumping. Mimics your baby’s unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls. Includes electric Hygeia Q breast pump, AC adapter power supply, basic personal accessory set (PAS), basic tote: insulated tote holds the pump and all personal accessory components.

  • Electric power required.
  • Independently adjustable speed and suction controls.
  • Allows for double and single pumping.
  • Designed for use by multiple users with Personal Accessory Set.
  • Every Hygeia breast pump includes a free annual supporting membership to La Leche League International.
  • One year non-transferable limited warranty.



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