EntriStar Skin Level Gastrostomy Kit 16 fr x 1-1/2 cm


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The EntriStar™ Skin Level Gastrostomy Tube is constructed of a durable, polyurethane material and a unique, internal retention bolster that is ideal for long term use. Utilizing the patented, Gripstar™ insertion and removal device, the procedure is made much easier on both patient and clinician.

  • Non-balloon, internal retention bolster allows for long-term use.
  • Full spectrum of sizes and lengths for patient flexibility.
  • Polyurethane construction features durable thermal sensitive material that softens when warmed to body temperature and retains it strength. Allows for thinner wall construction for better flow/decompression rates and fewer tube complications.
  • Proximally located antireflux valve reduces exposure to the gastric fluids that would cause premature breakdown. Prevents fluid leakage.
  • Reinforced obturator and Gripstar™ insertion removal device makes the procedure safer and easier on both patient and clinician.
  • ClipStar™ active or passive locking mechanism.
  • Raised feet design and external retention bolster minimizes contact with the skin to prevent irritation and skin breakdown. Allows for maximum air and moisture circulation, and promotes a healthy stoma site.


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