Cut-to-Fit Original Spandage, Size 10 (X-Large Chest, Abdomen, Breast and Shoulder)


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Medi-Tech Cut-to-fit Original Spandage™ Size 10, Extra-large, Latex-free, for Chest, Abdomen, Breast, Shoulder

Medi-Tech Spandage™ offers efficient wound management by providing easy examination and dressing changes. It holds dressings firmly in place without adhesive tape. It is very effective when used for burn care, surgery, postoperation dressing changes, donor wound graft sites, daily dressing changes, EKG stress testing and sleep studies. Open-webbed, tubular, retainer net comprised of elastic and polyester fibers.

  • Improved with additional polyester fiber for more patient comfort.
  • Dressing changes are easier, faster and more comfortable.
  • Less time-consuming for staff.
  • Less stressful for patients.


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